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Our process for identifying, prioritizing and delivering a predictable wealth experience for an exclusive group of client families is all about you.

We listen to you and your family in order to identify your current financial realities, your unique values towards money and determine what you want out of your wealth for the future.

Step 1:

Comprehensive Wealth Review - Discovery Process

The comprehensive wealth review is predetermined contract designed for the sole purpose of creating a financial baseline for your current reality and desired financial life. This contract is a means to an end and a starting point for determining how you are to manage your wealth over time. Having a clear understanding of where you are, where you want to be along with a roadmap to bridge the gap will increase the probability of having a great relationship with your wealth now, tomorrow and generations to come.   

Step 2:

Wealth Concierge™ - Ongoing Wealth Advisory 

Ongoing wealth advisory is a fluid process for continuously managing your wealth and ensuring it stays relevant to your ever evolving life, no matter what happens. We designed total Wealth Concierge™ to be your first-call and coordination point for deliver integrated solutions to the most complex wealth challenges for a select clientele. Progress is reported visually in a predictable manner that creates relevance between money and life.