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We have collected, received and stumbled upon some great reading for our ideal clients. Below is a small sample of recommended reading for education and enjoyment. Pick up, call and/or request a copy.

The Wealth Management EDGE

The Wealth Management EDGE™ is our process for helping highly successful people with more than just their investments. In this groundbreaking new book, we reveal the secrets our practice employs in creating a lifetime of wealth and security for our clients. We worked with John J. Bowen Jr. to bring relevance to the Canadian investor and to illustrate our commitment to excellence. 


Strangers in Paradise

An astonishing fact is that the vast majority of the wealthy come from middle-class or working-class backgrounds. Written by a prominent wealth psychologist, Strangers in Paradise takes an innovative approach to the challenges facing wealth's "immigrants and natives." Combining clear reasoning with real-world stories, Strangers in Paradise outlines for the first time how the key process for families of wealth - like all immigrant families - is adaptation.


The Investment Answer

This easy read asks investors to make five basic but key decisions to stack the investment odds in their favor. We have found that these five decisions are either made proactively or as a byproduct of being invested.


Great White Elephant

You might think you can separate wealth issues and family issues, but in reality, they are inter-connected. If there are unresolved issues of entitlement, guilt, favoritism, neglect, sibling rivalry, etc. in the family, they have the power to destroy the wealth and the legacy you’ve built. 


You Could Live a Long Time

Getting older doesn’t have to mean living a limited life. Author Lyndsay Green has interviewed forty successful seniors to talk not just about the problems of old age but its strength and benefits.