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You have identified that you are ready to explore the benefits of Wealth Concierge™ for you and your family. This page will direct you through the stages of working with our practice and help establish what level of commitment is right for you.

Reach Out

There are various forms of reaching out and connecting with people in the 21st century. We do however believe that as wonderful as technology is, nothing will replace sitting across from somebody and engaging in meaningful conversation.

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Initial Meeting

The goal of any initial meeting is to address "Is there a FIT" and do I want to share more time with this person. Just like a first date it is both parties that must be comfortable before sharing more time. Our practice provides consulting services in the form of a Comprehensive Wealth Review which is a fixed dollar contract and also ongoing Wealth Advisory services which is an ongoing relationship.

Comprehensive Wealth Review

Many highly successful wealth families want a comprehensive wealth review that is free of product and corporate agendas. We have listened and developed the Comprehensive Wealth Review on a fixed dollar contract. As there is no product recommendations, agendas or corporate involvement you can rest easy that the purpose is to organize, prioritize and develop an action plan for bridging the gap from your current realities to your desired destination. 

Our Process

On Going Wealth Advisory

Our practice offers on going wealth advisory services in the form of Wealth Concierge™. We implement the recommended actions uncovered in your Comprehensive Wealth Review and make sure you are headed towards your ultimate financial destination. If you and your partner decide that Wealth Concierge™ is right for your family then all the information discovered in your Comprehensive Wealth Review will become open to Manulife Securities Incorporated and become the regulatory due diligence file. 

Wealth Advisory information