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We recognize the responsibility and importance our family’s place with our practice when we become their wealth advisory practice of choice. When it comes to trusting somebody with your wealth, character and chemistry are as important as competency and caring.

To ensure compatibility with any new relationship we believe trust must be earned, nurtured and always maintained.  

Character & Chemistry

If there is not an alignment in character and chemistry then there is no foundation to build a long term mutually beneficial professional relationship. All the competency and caring in the world cannot overcome this. We suggest taking the time to perform some due diligence on our practice. Peruse our website and/or request a copy of the Wealth Management EDGE™ book which will provide further clarity into our motivations and our process.To make any final decision on if there is a fit with respect to character and chemistry please feel to reach out and share some time with us.

Competency & Caring

By specializing in the many challenges of business owners, decumulation strategies for retirees and structural realities of company executives we have tailored our entire practice for those three ideal clients. Bob and Garth use their combined 50+ years of training and experience to make a large impact in the lives of a smaller number of client families. We enjoy working with a smaller number of relationships as it allows the time to invest in each family that have entrusted our services. Over the years we have amassed a large network of expertise that also specializes in the needs of our three ideal clients. 

Our Process