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We treat all clients with respect and work hard to make them happy. Clients enjoy knowing our process the Wealth Management EDGE™ keeps them organized. Total Wealth Concierge™ is transparent and accountable towards their goals for today, tomorrow and generations to come.

Our relationships help grow our practice based on positive client referrals. Our clients and network know the gold standard of service they receive will be received by their business associates, family members and close friends.  

Business Owners

We recognize the many challenges associated with balancing the responsibilities of owning / operating a successful business and being a thought leader within your family. We specialize in helping business owners concentrate on their businesses and families while be successful with their wealth on purpose. Our process is critical in helping balance current responsibilities with facing the future with anticipation and confidence. 


We specialize in various deccumulation strategies that are required to maximize a sustainable work optional life style. Our practice always takes an after-tax view on investment returns, estate planning and cash flow management which is especially important as people enter the retirement segment of their lives. Our process allows for peace of mind knowing your life style is sustainable through to your estate planning desires.

Company Executives 

We recognize the risks many company executives face with respect to their compensation structure and fiduciary responsibilities. We specialize in de-risking stock based incentive plans as well as protecting income that is highly bonus based. Future and scenario planning must take into account various special situations that can vary depending on the level of executive and the sponsoring employer. Our process ensures that whatever your current schedule demands your personal finances will always be taken care of.