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Our practice is exclusive; we designed it this way. We specialize in the needs of business owners, retirees and company executives.

McIntosh Wealth Advisory recognizes the value of time for our clients. That is why we designed total Wealth Concierge™ to conveniently deliver integrated solutions to the most complex wealth challenges.

Wealth Concierge™

We designed total Wealth Concierge™ as the first-call and coordination point for highly successful people to access advice on their money. By utilizing our practice as their personal CFO, clients gain the convenience, systems and expertise required to deliver integrated solutions to their most complex wealth challenges. 

The Wealth Management EDGE™

The Wealth Management EDGE™ is our trademarked process for advising business owners, retirees and company executives with more than just investing. Our client’s know that their values towards money drive their integrated solutions and enjoy the comfort of always having progress reported with respect to their lives.