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What is Your Financial Elephant in the Room?

Whatever your elephant might be, it is always of significant importance; usually emotionally charged and seldom addressed.

The truth is that within these challenging conversations are usually amazing opportunities to pass on financial knowledge through open and honest communication. As a family business we understand the challenges of bridging family with business.

How to Eat your Financial Elephant?

When a task is so large that is seems impossible, like eating an elephant, the solution can actually be quite simple: seek assistance and take one bite at a time…

Money can make life easier and yet make it more complicated, sometimes even quite overwhelming. We understand that our practice must work within your greater team in order to deliver solutions that help organize, prioritize and simplify your financial lives.

Why the Elephant?

They are the largest land mammals without a natural predator and prefer socializing in multiple family communities. 

They have a long history of working with humans that includes: construction, transportation, entertainment and even warfare. 

They are emotionally sensitive and intelligent, which has cemented their place in human history around the world and throughout time.

Is Wealth Concierge for me?

We designed Total Wealth Concierge to be exclusive and as the first-call and coordination point for highly successful people to access advice on their money. 

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Who can I count on?

McIntosh Wealth Advisory is uniquely positioned as an independent practice with unparalleled access to the Manulife Group of companies at the Managing Director level in order to deliver integrated solutions of the highest quality. 

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Are you looking for more?

We define Wealth Advisory as an ongoing and ever evolving process for managing the three areas of your financial life: Investment Consulting, Advanced Planning and Relationship Management.

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